Tuesday, September 25, 2012

the separation of 

red church and state

updated: september 25, 2012

bREAKING nEWS: the supreme court of the united states has ruled that the separation of "church and state" has been violated due to the religious masonic symbols found on the dollar bill and "washington" monuments. ruling states that these religious symbols must be removed from the public view. republicans everywhere have been seen running down the streets naked in protest of the decision. rush limbaugh has sworn off prescription medications. more is surely to follow...

blue watch initiative broadcast: red studios

like many, i feel the need to discuss the masonic symbols we see everywhere these days. the fact is that masonry is a certified religion... which begs the question... "how come there isn't more being done in regards to the separation of this 'red church' and our state?" these religious symbols are everywhere, yet nobody seems to care... and nobody wants to talk about it either... but if someone posts the 10 Commandments somewhere, occult trolls wearing red gear, badged with 6's or 88's, will be running out of the wood work screaming about the 'violation' of their civil rights. the violation is that i have to look at pyramids on my dollar... i have to deal with folks changing the pledge of allegiance... i have to watch them repeal blue laws in the name of economics... the list goes on and on and on. but one thing is for sure... politics today isn't about the donkey vs the elephant... it's about occult vs. Faith. our elected officials aren't just selling us out for "bernie made off with your billions apartments" they're puffing off to bohemian grove worshiping idols and burn effigies in ways indiana jones could never imagine. ever see a cow in the pasture and think to yourself, "poor cow?" well, guess what... until you wake up... you're the cow.. grazing along with your big cow eyes... wondering what the other people are looking at. life isn't just about working your 9 - 5 job... it's about so much more. each voice makes a difference, so please wake up. and wake your neighbors up too. so give a hoot! don't pollute the souls of your friends and neighbors! take some time and look into it...everybody knows that this 'free masonry' is a religion. a mix of different occult belief systems, most notably ancient egyptian. that is why there are obelisks and pyramids paid for by our money. these occultists have been seen parading around capital hill and city hall chanting illuminati as they leave behind visual pollution in our public places. and i have to look at this everyday in the movies, at the airport... on my money... seriously?! my money... is tainted with this stuff. and on top of that, it's pagan. like the paganism that's described in the Bible. so, let's be clear... it's not that this pagan art just looks mysterious; it's religious. these symbols come from ancient mystery religions that are directly at odds with Christianity, Judahism and Islam. 

furthermore, i find it pretty convenient that elected officials, and/ or occultists, will talk to us about the separation of church and state while they repeal blue laws and legalize late-term abortions... moreover, they have attempted to change our pledge of allegiance. just think about it, they are trying to disavow our heritage by leaving a legacy where displaying the Ten Commandments in public places is forbidden... seriously... if i were to place an obelisk somewhere, like the washington monument... no body would file a lawsuit, nobody would raise a fuss. but if you post the 10 Commandments somewhere, you get occult trolls coming out of the wood work wearing red shirts with the number six on 'em talking about the constitution and the erosion of our rights. it's totally disgusting and unfair. we need to remove the occult symbols that are plaguing our society. 

the problem isn't that our elected officials are selling us out to multi national corporations that are spawning red occult logos.. they go to bohemian grove, they worship money, power, themselves and / or anything else that may seem promising. but i don't remember voting for this crap to be honest with you. when did we get a memo saying, "attention: you've been sold out by the occult. you are now slave." i want their religious symbols to be removed; if i can't display mine, they sure as h#ll can't display theirs. no more pyramids, no more obelisks, no more pentagrams. did you notice that the medal of 'honor' is a pentagram pointed down? what kind of way is that to reward a hero? here, good job... go to h#ll?! i got two words for... f no!! 

be sure to check out the next entry on numerology... your awakening has just begun!


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the separation of red church and state



Tuesday, September 18, 2012

im not sure if you caught last friday's broadcast but that was crazy wasn't it??? the real image of some underworld creature caught on tape following the presumed perpetrator of the burgas bombings... crazy but have no doubt, thats the world we live in... its more than just metaphysical... there's a reason folks that just about everybody on the planet is seeking some sort of spiritual definition or meaning to their lives... when you think about it, every culture is based on a religion or a belief system... everybody you know has chosen to go up the good path or down the not so good path. now, the point of this blog is to shed light on the organized occult activities that are in the public domain in a modern or contemporary sort of way. while discussing the basis of our Faith through the context of historical and scientific fact.

now it aint very difficult to point out the activities of the occult, as they are obliged to show off... remember, pride is one of the seven deadly sins... but what is important to consider when rationalizing what we see in our daily lives is that the majority of the information that you are getting these days is coming from occult owned corporations and/ or people that are familiar with what is really going on... and their objective is to mislead you. to lead you away from the truth, which is the spiritual side of the human experience, and they will have you believe that the mystery of life is simply confined to the things you can see. remember occult corporations own just about every communication industry that is out there, including the whole of the telecommunications industry, the social media, the alternative media, the main stream press... you name it... it has been bought and paid for with occult pyramid backed dollars... these corporations control everything you touch, see and smell and they also own the money supply as well as the politicians... so in short... take a deep breath cause we have got our work cut out for us...

the only thing left to determine really is how profound the occult presence is in your neck of the woods. unfortunately for you, if you live in a big city... you're screwed... today major metropolitan areas are dominated by well organized occult infrastructures... kind of like organized crime, if you will, but much, much worse... occultists run the city councils, serve as chiefs of police, heads of the better business bureau and rotary clubs, they preside over your banks, your insurance companies... they control the utilities and the food supply. and while on sundays they pretend to be normal church going folk... on the weekdays they are members of the local lodge or some other radical red faction occult organization plotting your demise! and since these folks run big business, if you dont work for yourself these days, chances are your boss is into the occult... you might be surprised to know that's how people get ahead these days... thats why these folks are joining crazy cults like the church of scientology or free masonry and the like... it's because people use the occult clubs as financial leverage to get ahead... therefore, if it used as a way to get ahead then it is surely used as a way to discriminate.

today people are being discriminated against not because of the color of their skin but on the basis of a whole new type of religious standard...  the truth is that as soon as you step in the door of a major company, you're basically catalogued and classified for the purpose of determining your religious preference... and its done in such a way that everybody on the inside of the scheme knows well enough about it but the folks on the outside have no idea... they havent got a clue... in my latest infiltration of corporate america i penetrated a big fortune 500 company, one of the biggest occult organizations out there... i mean people literally line up for days just to buy their crap... hello?§ anyways, on day 1 of my employment there i was labled a blue apple... for obvious reasons... obviously... and over the course of my stay there i noticed that the red labled apples had not only cushier jobs, they also had quite a few other things in common... such as heavy use of blasphemy... they would also sport occult tattoos, such as pentagrams or little devils and the like, as well as the overzelous use of red colored apparel on the 6th 16th or 26th of the month... and if you ever discussed faith with one of them... they would never preach about faith like a 'normal' person... never... but nonetheless these people always ended up getting promoted and being my "boss" even though they were as dumb as f#ck.... the point being is that our society is infested with this occultism and there isnt really anyway to avoid it... so its just a matter of time before you realize whats really going on around you... in any case, it shouldn't be a big surprise to see millions of people on the street worldwide protesting whats going on... unless you're the average sleep walking in the daylight FAILsheep that just doesnt have a clue... but thats the way the occult want it... and when you think about things that way, everything makes a whole lot more sense... for example, the occult owned media paint movements like occupy wall street as a bunch of hooligans gone wrong rather than tell you whats really going on... but if they did then you would realize what the real reason is behind the dumbing down of america... folks we're drugging kids like never before with high octane synthetic syrups and pharmaceuticals like ritalin or what have you... there's a reason theres flouride in the water and every other mixed drink thats tap water based... and it aint cuz big corporations care about your teeth... theres even a reason for the mercury laced vaccines... and it aint about making the vaccine last longer... its about occultism baby... the dollar bill says im right... just look at that funny money that fiat money with the pyramid squaking about the new world order in latin. the occult are betting that you're so stupid or too worried about paying your bills that you wont take the time to appreciate the art work on the money you spend your whole life chasing... the cash in your pocket says your screwed chump admit it ... they got ya by the jewels... every corporate logo spawning a pyramid or magic square definitely says in the doo doo... so eat your humble pie cuz anagrams of the word devil are anywhere they can put it... dvd anyone... how about a cadillac devil... the Christmas season has been painted red with anagrams for the words satan and lucas... ie santa clause... no more 10 Commandments in public view... no more pledge of allegeince or school prayers... we've legalized the slaughter of the unborn... we've declared wars on other countries in the name of oil and profit... oil again being the liquified remains of dead plants and animals... so again if you think aout what oil represents on a spiritual level... well its much more than black gold... its more like the black plague... and profit being greed which is another deadly sin... cars could run on nothing but water... but you and i will never drive a car like that because the occult dont want us to... the truth is you think you're free but you're in a corporate prison without walls... and during your stay you're being conditioned for an occult agenda.. so consider this your wake up call people... so wake up...

so from now on this program will focus more on what's going on in the present rather than the red faction events that have defined our past... the events like 9/11 3/11 7/7 chernobyl fukushima the deep water horizon the wars in iraq and afghanistan... etc etc etc...

so with that said lets talk about the red economy that is being used as a tool for oppressing the middle class, that is to say the vast majority of people... because while the common person is getting wiped out the rich are getting bailed out!

First I wanna build a little ground work in order to bring things into perspective... back in the 90's... the decade before 9/11... the decade where we had peace and prosperity and a budget surplus... in 1990 the budget was 1.2 trillion... in 1998 it was at 1.7trillion and in 2012 its somewhere around 3.7trillion... now while our current budget has more than doubled since the mid 90s we are still only spending around 20 percent of our gdp on the federal budget. with only about 680 billion of our budget being spent on defense... i want you to remember that number 680 billion which represents our total spending for the army navy marines airforce intelligence etc because of what im about to tell you next... at the end of last weeks news cycle... that is to say on friday right before the weekend it was announced that the US federal reserve will spend 40 billion a month to buy mortgage-backed securities with the aim of stimulating the us economy and reducing the high unemployment" as if it were like no big deal or whatever.. if we do the math that 40 billion a month translates to 480 billion a year... thats almost the 680 billion we spend on defense... imagine that... we're giving bankers neraly as much as we spend on defense.... how many people are in the army risking their lives for our freedom... and what do bankers do again... oh yeah throw veterans out of there homes... 480billion for free... every year... the numbers in reality are just incredible... according to sourcewatch.org we've already spent nearly five trillion on banks since the crash of 08 with 14 trillion at risk... whatever that means... except that 14 trillion is like the size of the total us debt... wouldnt the money be better spent by buying out these mortgages for the benefit of the homeowners instead of rewarding the fantasies of the banker. rewarding financial institutions by funding their wet dreams is not my idea of a practical solution. and i dont see how this is going to help unemployment one bit... this is just facilitating the occultism we're seeing run rampant in our capitals and corporations

seriously how does the over funding of bangsters at the expense of the average taxpayer make sense to anyone with half a brain not related to somebody working in the banking industry... it doesn't but theres a reason to this rhyme ladies and gentlemen... just like theres a reason to everything else.. so let me be the first to tell you what's really going on here sheeple. the fed (ie federal reserve) is a private bank bailing out other banks by buying these 'mortgage backed securities.' ie paper... and they're not buying out the mortgages that would allow people in need to breathe. oh no, there's no fun in that.. the occult backed fed is instead buying financial derivatives basically a bond or a cd that is backed by a large pool of home loans as collateral. so the problem is if those homeowners cant pay then the investor in the mortgage backed security doesnt make a profit... so what does the occult do when having to choose between the rich investor or the poor homeowner that is underwater and under attack by a non fixed interest rate issued by the bank thats ripping them off in the first place? well the occult fed chooses to protect the rich occult investor instead... for the simple reason that good ol boys always got each others back... thats the way this world works... as the saying goes its not what ya know its who ya know and what you can prove... and these financial derivatives that we're hearing about now... well this is the same stuff the fed has been buying since the lehman brother collapse five years ago... and they're doing this again at the low low rate of 40 billion per month. i will just let you know that i read an article not that long ago that a sultan transfromed a desert and made it into a huge city that can house a million people for like 4 or 5 billion dollars... so us spending this kind of money on investors and calling it a benefit for the unemployed is like them calling you stupid and smiling about it... well i aint smiling folks and neither should you...

so lets put this into perspective... the banks... which are basically printing money for nothing anyways, are now buying and selling properties amongst themselves and when i say themselves i mean the occult, for pennies on the dollar compared to what they were worth just a few years ago and on top of that they're getting paid billions to send americans packing out of their homes and into the street or a tent city if they're lucky ...

this is just outrageous to think that these banks that we had to bail out for the sake of everybody are making money on bogus securities which are being bought by investors then our money is spent bailing out the investor so the banks look good but on the flip side of that banks are robosigning people onto skid row and are turning record profits and they're still asking for more... that's b.s. there's no other way to put it... the banks are double dipping in bernie made0ff with your billions ponzi schemes while the rest of us are being left out to cry... but lets analyze this more in a demographics way, what is really happening is that good honest hard working people are being placed into disinfranchised ghetto type neighborhoods, isolated from the rest of the occult population... and this is so because these types of neighborhoods are the only things the newly forclosed can afford.. you have to remember that the occult individuals have sold out and have been rewarded with financial stability and allows them to be privileged enough into a newly repossessed home... so why the good faithful person got the boot the occult folk got a deal.... this is exactly what was happening ladies and gentlemen in nazi germany... 9/11 was our version of the reichstag... weapons of mass destruction was our panzi to go war... and the forclosures on the middle class are the beginnings of the occult resettlement project just like the way the jews were moved by force into the ghetto while party loyalists were able to benefit from stolen property... watch out though our version of the concentration camp exists too... its called the fema camp. the buildings have been erected.... millions of crematorium boxes are already there waiting for you... that is of course if you survive the intitial onslaught that is sure to trigger the degradation of common law into martial law... the plans already exist people... the voter machines are rigged... the occult control every bit of infrastructure through the guise of publicly traded companies... and just to show you how rigged the system is consider this... that these big companies, including banks, are hoarding their cash right now and have been since the 2008 elections at the expense of hiring new workers that way republicans, the guardians of the rich and occult. can derive talking points and complain about the economy and how it sucks. the very same economy that they themselves destroyed while squandering every opportunity they had to save it... and they do this during every election cycle and to my and everybodys surprise there's like 10's of millions of brainwashed individuals buying into it. proof that what looks stupid to you and me doesnt look so stupid to other people under the right environmental conditions...but wait there's more... the sellout doesn't end there... your birth certificate issued by the department of commerce... did you know securities are sold based on the future tax revenue potential of every newborn? the occult pyrmaid on the dollar just reinforces that point even more... so have no doubt... the religion that's really out to get you is occultism. say no to pyramids on my $ and yes to separation of red church and state.