Tuesday, August 21, 2012

9/11: the truth

911: the truth

i've been a truther since about 2003... which means i was totally in the dark and watching war on live tv like it was baseball or something for like two years... so, like most of us, this issue that has been driving me for a long time now with numerous ideas floating in my head, namely the image of a petition with big bold letters on it from some kid saying, 'my daddy is not garbage.'

9/11 was an occult attack... pure and simple. perpetrated by people who believe in ancient pagan religions and perpetrated with the motif of attacking people of Faith. why? because people of Faith are the enemy of the occult. the last thing a cult memeber wants is billions of faithful people roaming the praries. instead the occult would rather have you live in doubt or, if possible, to believe like they do. that's why they only teach darwinism at school... and forget the scietific fact of intelligent design. that's why politicians repeal 'blue' laws while the tv pumps you so full of garbage, the only thing one can really do anymore is text qvc for the next thing that will end up stacking up in the closet.

anyways, its almost that time of year again and, as we know, there's something missing from the official story... namely the truth... therefore, we must employ guerilla warfare 101 tacticts, that is to say, to take their weapons and use it against them. they use propaganda and indoctrination, so shall we... while remembering that repetition is key. therefore, spread this vid around to the newbies in your life just cryin' to wake up:

side note: i think that most of us realize that those who work in government began with the best of intentions and that most of them are purposefully left in the dark about what really happenss behind the scenes for reasons of plausible deniability. and when i think about it i kind of feel like the last administration was trying to drop us hints with the rumsfeld missle statements and the g.w. 'seeing the first plane on tv' bit... but since their job is really given to them by appointment, the obvious conclusion is that politicians are just covering for somebody else like bankers, tycoons, mystics... and the like... the main deflector shield protecting 9/11 is the idea that that we focus on the politicians and the 'enemy;' that way we're not thinking about the real people pulling the strings.

flight 77 crash impossible according to flight data recorder:


blue watch initiative broadcast: 

911: a red faction story part 1


blue watch initiative broadcast: 

911: a red faction story part 2

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