Wednesday, August 22, 2012

terra forming earth

terraforming planet earth

when i think about the word terraforming... im thinking about it the way it is in the movies... where we take an uninhabitable planet and making it liveable. but what's going on earth is kind of like that only different. here on earth we're taking a perfectly good planet and transforming it into something uninhabitableso what gives? i mean right now... each and every day since the industrial revolution began, the world has been changed for the worse. the atmospheric composition has become more and more polluted. the composition of our lakes, rivers and streams are totally different from when the native americans were running the place. the oceans, the cities... everything we do leaves this huge footprint; you'd say we were a bunch of bigfoots on redbull.

now the problem with this terra forming of the earth, besides that its an ecological disaster, is that its getting warmer and smokier... and there are no windows to open or doors to leap through. we're on this marble with absolutely no ventilation. and right now the chemical composition of everything on earth is changing. and the genetic composition of every living thing is changing too. and now even babies are being modified for human purposes. in short, we as a people and as a planet are slowly changing based on what is being dumped into the environment. since we are what we eat, if the earth becomes polluted so do our bodies.

so why is this happening... why is our earth being terra formed? to me, the most probable reason is because of occult ideologies. i know, i could have picked a million different things like greed or lack of empathy. but the truth is always straightforward and simple to understand. so the truth is that good people do good things and bad people do bad things... makes sense right, thats what people do... so when you think of the verbs dumping, burning, killing, raping, molesting, irradiating, stealing... the taking of what is pure and natural and making it dirty or artificial... well that's evil man... that's occult... there's no other way to look at it... 

so, lets be honest... our dollar bill has an occult pyramid on it... it has an owl on it too... the same owl that sexually frustrated republicans go to and  visit at the bohemian grove... and washington dc has, i dont know... how many pentagrams on it... and whats up with the obelisks everywhere... like the washington monument. that thing is an obelisk 555 feet (6665 inches) tall plus according to urban legend it has another 111 down below... who voted for this crap. i sure didnt. and nobody i know did either... i mean is there a reason why 'they' repeal blue laws to make us work on sundays and then we we're made to think red light districts are cool... did you know that 4/20 was hitler's birthday?

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blue watch initiative broadcast 8.22.12

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