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anything that ends in -ology means 'the study of.' biology is the study of life; whereas numerology is the study of numbers. in numerology we study the relationship between a 'count of measure' and an observed event. the reason i am covering this topic today is because numerology is not only associated with mathematics but it is also associated with every belief system that is on the planet. Saint Augustine wrote, "numbers are the universal language offered to humans as confirmation of the truth." to me, that is one of the reasons why the Book of Numbers is one of the Books of Moses (otherwise known as the Torah or the first five books of the Bible).

with that said, we will be focusing on the importance of numerology as it is associated with occult attacks on our society. i will demonstrate that these attacks were planned with numerology as a principal determining factor.

so, numerology is the study of numbers. if that's the case, then let's examine some numbers together and see if we can see a pattern that fits. first, we need a basic foundation that we can agree upon and build on. so, let's take the big eye sore out of the picture. the fabled number '666.' this number initially made its appearance in the Book of Revelations according to Saint John. it is described as the number for man but has evolved into something revered by pagans and occultists alike. now if we simplify that number to a single digit we get the number '6.' this number is pretty much the core building block for occult numerological ideologies. therefore numbers like 6, 16 and 26 are pearls in the bay for occult members. they love it; they revel in it; they are devoted to it.

the opposite of 6 is the number 9. nine is divine like we always say. therefore, an occult member will attempt to attack that number whenever possible as symbolic devotion. kind of like the way the Muslims will throw a stone at the devil during the Hajj. symbolism is equally important in occultism as the meaning behind the action is 'le creme de la creme.' so if an occult event occurs on the 6th of the month it is a tribute whereas if it occurs on the 9th of the month, it is seen as an attack. therefore, the easiest way to see if an event is occult related is to observe the dates that were chosen. because these dates will either be a tribute to somebody or something, or it will be a symbolic attack on top of the physical attack.

a couple of exta points i would like to make on the topic of numbers before we move on are in regards to the numbers four, seven and thirty-three. to keep it brief, the general logic is that 4 x 4 = 16 therefore occult (that's why every pickup has 4 x 4 stamped on the back). then there's the association of seven with Heaven. there are seven days a week, etc. the number 33 is historically significant because there were 33 steps leading up to Solomon's Temple in Jerusalem. the number was later used by occult masonic lodges with their 33 degrees and the like.

so with that said, let us look at some examples. the columbine shootings occurred on 4/20/99 and began at 11:19am. here we see the number 4 but 4/20 is also h#tler's birthday. the deepwater horizon gulf spill began on 4/20/10 at around 9:45pm. with these two examples we see clear tributes to the occult because it was perpetrated on an occult holiday (h#tler's birthday) along with associations to the number 9 and 11. the number 11 is significant to occult ideologies because it represents 'sin.'

this link lists the timeline of other school shootings and quickly you can see associations with numbers such as 5 (five fingers per hand, five toes per foot), 7, 9, 13, 16, 24 (2 + 4 = 6) and 26.

next example that most people wouldn't think of is chernobyl. that 'accident' occurred on 4/26/86 at1:23am. 176 people were staffed that night and it was reactor number 4 that was affected. an engineer from the plant is quoted as saying that 'the colors red and orange shot up from the reactor... it looked like blood... it was beautiful.'

fukushima is another example. that 'accident' occurred 3/11/11. that plant had six reactors and three reactors completely melted down and blew up. on 12/16/11 officials declared the plant stable but radiation continues to leak from the plant into the surrounding environment and beyond. fallout has been worldwide, with millions of gallons of radioactive water being dumped into the ocean and has given us phenomenon like radioactive tuna hundreds of time the legal limit swimming towards our shores. and who knows how much damage was done by the direct release of radioactive gas from the burning reactor cores into the environment.

which leads us to the attacks on 9/11. there, flights 11, 77, 93 and 175 were targeted. 246 people on board the planes parished including the 19 hijackers. building 7 was attacked along with the pentagon as well as the twin towers. millions of people have been affected and displaced since, as a result of the wars that shortly followed and that are still ongoing.

two and a half years after 9/11 we had the madrid bombings (3/11/04). four trains were targeted and the attacks occurred in the 7am period.

after that we had the londond bombings, also known as 7/7. the london bombings occurred on 7/07/05. four bombs exploded; three trains were targeted plus one bus.

most recently we had aurora killings, which occurred on 7/20/12. the targeted theater was the 'century 16,' the shooting occurred in room number 9 in the city of a-u-r-o-r-a (six letters). the killer's last known address was 1690 paris street. 

the relationship between numerology and human history is undeniable and a tell tale sign of what is actually going on. 

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